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January by Banker Si

First Published: 03/01/2014 11:16:43

2012 A Photographic Record

What follows is an art project to make a photographic record of 2012. If the Mayans are to be believed the world will end this year. I'm not really sure why their calendar ending would signify the end of the world, but I will be recording it anyway. Besides the end of an advent calendar, for example, signifies the start of Chistmas and all the good things. End of shopping, start of gift giving (and receiving), food, booze, Morecambe, Wise etc. etc.  In summary I suspect 21st December 2012 will be like every other day.

My theory is the Mayans got a bit bored of writing calendars and went to the pub to watch the match. For the record Honduras and Hove Albion triumped two one over Guatemala United FC in the fourth round of the Mesoamerican Cup after a dubious second half penalty. Apparently Guatemala had a player called Tevez who was a bit arsey. Nothing much changes...


Northfield School and Sports College

Sunday 1st January 2012

Christmas Tree in silhouette

Monday 2nd January 2012

My Jail

Tuesday 3rd January 2012

Sony DVD Player

Wednesday 4th January 2012

Project Management Inaction

Thursday 5th January 2012

View On A Window

Friday 6th January 2012

A Bee or Not A Bee

Saturday 7th January 2012


Sunday 8th January 2012

Moon Over Handsworth

Monday 9th January 2012

 Mumbles Lighthouse

Tuesday 10th January 2012

Southampton Station

Wednesday 11th January 2011

Red Wine

Thursday 12th January 2012

View From Pit Lane, Sheffield

Saturday 14th January 2012

St Mary's Handsworth

Sunday 15th January 2012

Lights On Nobody In

Monday 16th January 2012

Sheffield's Balls of Steel

Tuesday 17th January 2012

Ars Longa, Vita Brevis

Wednesday 18th January 2012

Wonky Fireplace

Thursday 19th January 2012

Winter Trees

Friday 20th January 2012

Saturday Football in Handsworth Park

Saturday 21st January 2012

Jet Trails over Handsworth

Sunday 22nd January 2012

Sir Frederick Mappin Building, Mappin Street, Sheffield

Monday 23rd January 2012

Fountain Down The Road

Tuesday 24th January 2012

Cheese Grater Carpark

Wednesday 25th January 2012

Da Da Bar

Thursday 26th January 2012

Whitby`s Fish and Chippy

Friday 27th January 2012

Moody Sky

Saturday 28th January 2012

The Parkway

Sunday 29th January 2012

Street Light

Monday 30th January 2012

Sheffield`s Bridge of Sighs

Tuesday 31st January 2012

What do you want to do next?

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